Rewind and Renew!


I had started this blog a while back…mostly to bitch and complain about things I wasn’t happy with or didn’t understand.  I can’t say I still won’t do that but I have refreshed this blog into something more constructive for me…to document (and motivate me in) my crafting life!  I started this blog on another site and have decided to move over to WordPress instead.

They say…Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.  Well, these hands will idle no more!!!

I’ve decided to start a craft competition with, well, myself.  For the first round, I plan to list a few typical women’s items/accessories (still looking for ideas so if you got some, send them my way).  So for example, maybe I will have the following things on my list:

  • dress
  • ring
  • bracelet
  • scarf

Just a few ideas.  I’ll give myself a week or 2 (like I said, still working out the details) to complete each item.  I can create the item from scratch or reuse materials to make something new.  The dress for example…I thought it might be a nice challenge to get an ugly, horrible dress from Salvation Army or Goodwill, some type of thrift store, and refashion it into something new, current and wearable (and not ugly)!  I’ll take pictures and document each project for you!  Round 2 will be for men’s stuff.  I think it’s so hard to be crafty for men.

Part of what started this is I got myself in a Freezer Paper T-shirt Funk.  It’s all I’ve been doing and I need to challenge myself on some other things.  Some of my ideas may come from other DIY tutorials but I have to find one way to make it mine/do it differently.  Otherwise, what’s the challenge.

Also, just on an ending note…throwing this out to some of my crafty-critters out there…I think it would be neat to do a craft night.  A bunch of crafters together, sharing projects or learning a new project together…trading unused materials…just a thought!

I’ve posted some Freezer Paper shirts I’ve done with this post.  Since I won’t be doing them for a while…thought it would be good for all to see them.  Well, wait, I have to finish MY Game of Thrones shirt first! 🙂ImageImageImage


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