It’s On Like Donkey Kong!


The list has been set! 

Below are all the things either suggested to me by facebook friends or what I could come up with.  Here’s the list of options:

 All these ideas were cut up into pieces, folded and placed into a hat.  My Mom asked if she could be there for the drawing…I told her that’s probably a good idea.  That way I wasn’t tempted to cheat and throw something back in for another pick.

I wanted to start my first challenge with 5 items.  Giving each project 2 weeks…so that’s 10 weeks right there.  A good place to start. I had already decided I wanted to create a dress and shoes.  Since those seemed the most challenging, I threw them onto the end of the list.   I just had to fill 3 spaces.  Here are the results…

  • Project 1 – Necklace
  • Project 2 – Beach Bag
  • Project 3 – Hat (this is the one I would’ve thrown back in)
  • Project 4 – Dress
  • Project 5 – Shoes

So…here we go!  I already have a plan in mind for most of the projects.  I’m running to Michael’s to pick up one thing I need and then it’s on!  I should be able to have this finished in less than a week…we’ll see!  You better check-in to see the finished necklace or subscribe to my blog and you’ll be notified when the first project is done!

I would just like to add a special thanks to the friends and family that have been supporting me while starting this new project.  A special thanks to Kelly R. (my “cupcake/cakepop (well, what don’t you cook)” girl).  She has been so helpful with sharing ideas and more so…helping me figure out my new blog on wordpress!!!

With Love,





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