Project 1 – Fabric Flower Bead Necklace


This came to me right away!  I was a little nervous about that material I choose to use because originally it was for a dress.  I didn’t use very much.  I just hope when I go to make the dress, I won’t be short on material.  It will be pretty cool to have a necklace ready to match it.




Below is what you will need to create this necklace.


  • Material
  • Glue (I chose to use my hot glue gun)
  • Pinking Shears (scissors with the zig-zag cut)
  • Variety of sizes of wood beads
  • Nylon Thread & NeedleImage

I started with the flowers, the biggest one first. I cut the material to the thickness I wanted (after being folded in half, note, not equal halves). You want some length with the piece of material since you will be bunching it all together. As you can see below, I folded the material over so the lighter back of the fabric would be slightly exposed. I just thought it gave it a little more dimension.



ImageTo begin making the flower, just take your needle and thread and start going in and out along the bottom. Once you have as much as you can get on your needle, slide it back onto the thread.




You just keep going, bunching the material until you have the flower size and circumference you need.  Once you get that, just cut the material after your last stitch.  Here’s what mine looked like.

Once the large flower was finished, I cut the remaining strip of material I had so it wasn’t as thick.  I began to do the same steps to create 2 smaller flowers.





ImageNext, I got the wood beads I was using.  I went with 3 sizes of wood beads.  The first one is about the size of a quarter, the smaller 2 are about the size of a dime and the ones that will make up the “chain” of the necklace are maybe the size of an eraser on a pencil.  I drew on the quarter size and dime sized beads a circle for me to follow when gluing on the fabric “petals”.  I made sure to put it in front of, but as close to the hole as possible.








So here’s what we are working with so far.  3 fabric “petals” and 3 wooden beads.


I got my glue gun all heated up and started with the largest flower first.  I applied a thin line of hot glue along the a part of the edge of the fabric.  I recommend gluing a little portion at a time since hot glue hardens so fast.

Just keep gluing in small sections to the line you drew on the wood beads.

Make sure to pay attention that your “petals” will end where they started.  The nice thing about a glue gun is you can pick the glue off of just about everything.  I had to redo the one flower.  To get it off the material, I just kept sliding the bunching so the glue would unattach from the fabric.  I was also able to clean up the front of the bead flower, anywhere that the glue squeezed out, I brought my fingernail down to the edge of the seam and picked it off.

For the large flower, where the fabric started and ended was very noticable, as you can see in the image.  On the smaller flowers, this wasn’t an issue.  They overlapped eachother perfectly.

I just took the needle and thread that was used earlier to create the flowers and sewed up the beginning and end to close the flower.

That’s all for the bead creating…now onto stinging the necklace together and making sure the flowers have the support they need.

I put the string through a small bead and brought it all the way to the center of my piece of nylon thread.  Then, I took both stings through a medium sized bead.  The medium sized bead will give some support to the flower (I’ll be gluing later).






Then you can add on your big flower bead, putting both stings though the bead.

Then sting, one on each strand, 2 more medium size beads.  Again, these will be glued to the flower later to give it some extra support and to help insure the bead doesn’t turn to the back side.

You can then begin stringing your small beads on each strand.  I put on about 15 small beads before adding my 2 smaller flowers.  Then I just continue with the smaller beads until it reached the desired length.

Here it is from the back.

I have to say, I like it from the back too!





Now, I will just apply a small amount of hot glue to the medium beads and secure them to the fabric of the flower.  Ta-Da!  All finished!

With Love,



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