Necklaces for Christmas


Where have I been? I’m such a lazy blogger!

Lots of Christmas projects were in the works and I had to wait till Santa came to show the goods!

Washer NecklacesOne of the projects I did for Christmas was The Washer Necklace. You see these tutorials pinned all over Pinterest. I read a few different ones and then combined them into my own action plan. They were pretty easy. The washers are all around $0.10-$0.25. I got a few sheets of card stock scrapbooking paper. I bought the Glossy Accents, there are a lot of options out there but this was the one I could find in my craft store. Mod Podge, already on hand, although, I didn’t find this to be the best glue. The paper started to pull away. Once I put the Glossy Accents on, we were fine.

The first ones I did were just single sided. Then, my Mom said, “you could do it so they are reversible”…good idea Mom! Anyone else noticing a theme? My Mom always seems to find some way to improve the product, it usually adds more work, but that’s not the point. That’s how I did the 2nd round. Everyone who received one of these necklaces seemed to love them! My one friend even commented that the metal washer wasn’t as heavy as she thought it would feel. Patience is a must in this project. There is some dry time involved but if you’re anything like me, you get excited and start touching it too soon…don’t do that! Keeping air bubbles out of the Glossy Accents isn’t easy either. Just try not to get them in there in the first place. You can get them out with a needle, but it’s not easy.


The next necklace project for Christmas was for my Sister-in-law. She had a necklace that had fallen apart. She wanted me to create a new necklace for her with the beads. Honestly, I’m surprised these beads were put together in the first place. It was made of Lava stones and a red/brown stone for the focal point. I knew I would be separating these and making 2 necklaces. I got a bunch of natural stone beads for each project and tada!

Meg's Necklace Re-do

I love the new necklaces…especially the red/brown one! I made a little bracelet to match the Lava Stone and green/black stone necklace. I think she was pretty happy with the finished products! I know I would wear them!


The final necklace project for Christmas was for my Mom. I had seen this pendant on Pinterest and my first thought was, “Mom would LOVE this!”, my second thought, “I can totally make that”.

Tree Necklace 1The first one, which is actually the one I gave her Christmas day was…okay. It didn’t meet my expectations but I didn’t know how to achieve that (it’s a hard thing to do). After Christmas, we talked about the necklace. She had some thoughts, I had some thoughts and we agreed that I would give it a second attempt. I love the second attempt (as Tree Necklace 2did she)!










Well, that’s the necklaces I made for Christmas. More Christmas gifts to come and lots of other goodies. On another note…

Unfortunately, we had a death at my workplace a few months back. Sadly, children were left behind. Some co-workers are planning a benefit for the children. I am donating the necklace below for a raffle. If you like it, get yourself to that benefit and give…even if you don’t like it…get yourself to that benefit and give! I’ll post more details as they come.

Tree Necklace 3

With Love,



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