Patchwork Scarf for Christmas


Patwork Scarf 2It looks like one of my favorite parts from the movie The Sweetest Thing! Look at the class and sass coming off of this sweet child!  She HAD to be the model since she is the biggest fan of my Patchwork Scarf!

I had made these scarves last year at Christmas time for my niece and my good friend’s daughter. Well, I’m not sure about my niece, but my friend’s daughter just loved it. I would often hear stories about why she needed to wear it that day and all the “powers” it seemed to bring her. Honestly, that is the best gift in the crafting world. When something simple you make can mean so much to someone else.

This Christmas was approaching and I heard someones scarf was getting a little short…turning into more of a bow-tie! I decided I would make her a bigger, “grown-up” version. I also made another one for one of my other good friend’s daughter.

What I love about the patchwork scarves is, in the end…they go with everything. It’s a great way to use up some scrap material. On the ones I make, one side is patchwork and the other is a soft flannel to snuggle with. I included some trim balls…cause, well, balls are fun! 🙂

I still have yet to make one for myself. For now, it’s just great to bring warmth and comfort into the lives of those you love!

With Love,


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