Purse for Christmas


Yes, I still have blogs to do from Christmas!  This one…and one other one.  Then, I’ll actually be, well, generally caught up, well, for Christmas projects, that is! 🙂

I am a very fortunate person.  Not only was I made this awesome, just naturally, but I’m blessed to have so many awesome and amazing people in my life.  There are many people who love to help my crafting efforts or whatever it is I’m doing here.  One of my blessings comes in the form of what I like to call my Mother-In-Law.  Now, many of you know I am not married…“so how do you have in-laws?” you ask?  I don’t.  I’ve stolen my brothers!

My sister-in-law’s mom does all kinds of great interior designing.  When she has left over scraps…she gives them to me.  I know, so blessed am I!!  Recently, well no, not recently, but close enough, I was given about 2 bags of material.  I’ll go through and pick out what I’ll use.  The rest I’ll donate to a local re-use-it shop, Lancaster Creative Reuse (while searching for their link, I see they moved to a new location…yah!  It looks bigger and more convenient than in the city…yah!). 

I came across this one piece of material and a bestie of mine’s name screamed out in my head.  I knew it was meant to be used to create something for her (another blessing in my life)!  I bounced around the idea of doing one of my beach bags for her since, like a year ago, she said she really liked mine and wanted one.  However, this material was too classy, too upscale for just a beach bag.  I decided to make her a purse.  The material made me think of Coach a little bit.

I did some research online for different purse ideas, through them into a “pot” and then pulled out my own pattern for her Christmas purse.  I bought some outdoor canvas, I used this for my beach bag and it was great!  It had a toughness to it but not so much that the material didn’t move.  The outer material was thin and delicate so I wanted to use something stronger so the bag would hold up.  I figure it’s like the opposite of most purses.  The lining is always so thin and rips and then you lose things in the holes.  This way, the lining is tough and the outside of the bag is delicate.  I also picked up a magnetic snap and off to creating I went.

I am so happy with this purse and she appeared to be happy with it too!  One of the best things about a homemade gift is it has a lifetime warranty ,or well, as long as you’re alive or friends still.  So far, it appears to be holding up to her BUSY schedule…but if something should tear, it can always be fixed by the creator!

Sorry my pictures aren’t better!  With the Christmas rush it became more about getting the gifts finished and less about taking pictures of them.


In addition, I have to give her props.  She doesn’t do too much crafty/sewing stuff…she lives in the world of photography, but this Christmas, she took the time to make me a handmade gift as well.  It was one of those no-sew fleece blankets.  She did a wonderful job and it keeps me warm on a daily basis…much like the love in our friendship! xo

With Love,



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