Easy Summer Shirt (Pillowcase Dress/Shirt)


If you search “pillowcase dress” (mostly for kids) or “pillowcase shirt”, a million options will come up for you to review.  I didn’t actually use a pillowcase for this shirt.  I found the material in JoAnn’s and I thought of my niece right away.  It was perfect because her birthday was approaching (last summer, that is)!

Basically, this is what you cut out from the piece of material…

Pillowcase Dress PDF

In case my drawing isn’t clear, you are basically cutting the corners off your rectangle…that’s for your arm holes.  Hem back the edges before moving onto the next step.

You’ll add a tube seam across the top of the back and front.  This is where you will pull through your ribbon/sash for your straps.  You can use a scarf that’s long enough.  Sew scrap material into a tube.  Even use some ribbon.  I’ve seen some posts where they made multiple “strap” options that you could change out.



Finally, a seam around the bottom (optional) to finish it off.





The cool thing about this is you can also make your corner cuts go in further and cut down longer.  Then, you can have a shirt more like this that ties around the neck.  This is the closest one I could find demonstrating that.  Sorry, I haven’t made my own yet.  You can check out her post if you are interested…






It was a really quick project.  Great for when you need a new shirt at the last-minute.  It’s nice and flowy, perfect for summertime.  Here’s the finished shirt I made for my niece…

Josie's Shirt 2

With Love,



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