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Tutu Time!




One of my little princesses is about to have her 1st Birthday!  SO EXCITING!  She is one of the most beautiful and happy babies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.

In doing this project it made me feel two things:

1) I miss being a little ballerina.

2) I want my own little ballerina.  (well…maybe…someday…)


Yes, that’s me…little ballerina me with the GREATEST Nanny (on earth and heaven) EVER!!! 



One of the things I have in common with the mom (or Queen to the Princess) is our love of dance.  We both took dance most of our lives.  It’s a given that if you’ve done that, your daughter will at least take the beginners ballet and hopefully more as the years go on.  I don’t think 1 is too early to get your first tutu!

This project was so easy, which made me love it even more.  You can go online and find a whole bunch of different ways to make tutus but I think this one is the best.

What you’ll need:

  • Rolls of Tulle (I found mine at Jo-Ann’s in the “wedding” section.  I bought about 5 rolls for mine, 2 white, 2 soft pink and 1 bright pink)
  • Ribbon or Elastic (I went with a soft pink satin ribbon, about 2 inches thick)

That’s all you HAVE to buy.  I opted to also get some thin, iridescent, bright pink ribbon and some little flowers.

You’ll want to cut your tulle to double the length of your tutu.  I followed a color pattern (but I have OCD).  The girl who’s blog I read said she chose her colors sporadically.

If you are using elastic, you probably want to sew your ends together before you start.  I cut my ribbon to the length of her waist plus about 10-15 inches extra on each side.  I wanted it to be able to grow with her.

You’ll put the elastic or ribbon around your thigh, wrap a piece of tulle around it and tie a knot up at the waistline.

Tutu tyingTutu tying 2

Do this over and over again until you’ve reached the desired fullness.  I might’ve gotten a little crazy on the fullness…we may lose the baby in the tutu!

TutuNote To Self: Check what’s in the background of your shot.

When the tulle part of the tutu was finished, I went back through and added some of the thin bright pink ribbon with some of the little flowers attached at the bottom…just to give it a special something.

Tutu Ribbon Detail

I also added flowers to some onsies to complete the package.

Tutu and Onsies

I wanted to make one for myself.  But really?  Where can I wear a tutu?

With Love,



I Want That…Sleeveless Shirt with Sleeves


Happy 1 Year Anniversary With Love, Rhianna!  I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a year already!  It’s been such a great year.  Thank you to everyone that’s supported me.  I’m so excited to see what the future has in store.

Pinterest, have I told you lately, that I love you?  I do.

What a wonderful collection of great ideas and positive inspiration!  While “Pinteresting” one day, I came across this shirt and fell in love.

Pinterest Shirt

It instantly went on my “IMMA MAKE THAT” board.  And guess what…I finally did!

As always, it’s a little different from the original design but I think pretty spot on still.

My first attempt at the shirt was more square.  When I put it on…I don’t know…I just knew it needed some adjustments.  It was just too full of fabric in the bust area.  So I made some adjustments (see the pink lines…I took it in there)… Shirt with Sew Lines

Whatcha think?

Sleeveless-Sleeved shirt

With Love,


The Adventures of Sea Glass


While I was out visiting my musical soul mate and great friend in California, she gave me two pieces of sea glass she found.  The deal was I had to turn both of them into jewelry…one for her and one for me!

I really had fun staring at the shapes, trying to figure out what they looked like.  It was like when you find things in the clouds!  Once I had my ideas…away I went.

The green glass came to me right away.  I was hoping to do another Tree of Life but using the clear sea glass as a moon.  The shape wasn’t right but I was hoping I could form the metal in a way that would work.  I couldn’t.  It wasn’t working.  I knew it wasn’t what it was supposed to be.  Every time I looked at it, it only looked like one thing to me…an owl.  So here you have the finished pieces…

Sea Glass CollageNow, someone just needs to decide which one she is going to pick.  That she is not me.


Rockin' Claire's Necklace

While on this topic, I also agreed to fix this incredible necklace she had lying around.  The cord broke and I just put it on a chain…easy fix.  I just think everyone should know…if you give me something so awesome to fix, and especially if you live on the West Coast…know I will be rockin’ it a few times before you see it again!  Incriminating photo…






Now, onto the adventure part.  All this working with sea glass got me thinking…”we’ve been dumping trash on this coast longer than they have on that coast”…so onto Google I went.  I found some places in Maryland to do some sea glass hunting.  I went off on an adventure with another great friend to find sea glass.

Sea Glass Beach

The first place we went, lots of broken glass, but not very smooth.  The second place was great though.  The public area was very small but I accidentally ended up in the water and on the other side of a fence…whoops!  Tell you what…we had great finds there…and didn’t get arrested, yelled at or our vehicle towed.  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Check it out!

Sea Glass Finds

What to do with all this lovely sea glass?

With Love,


Lucky Little Lady in the City of Light


About a month ago, I got the pleasure of hopping on a plane and visiting a good friend in California.  It was my first time there and the furthest west I had been.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

There’s nothing like going away, where barely anyone knows you and where you barely know anything.  There was so much to do and nearly not enough time to do it all!  I truly miss California…it just felt like a home away from home.

Here are some of the great highlights…

I was staying at my friend’s place in Ventura…literally a 5 minute walk from the beach.  Here’s Ventura Beach at sunset.

Ventura Beach Sunset

If there was ONE THING I had to do when I was there, it was to go to THIS SPOT!  To think, she stood there.  It was awesome!

Audrey & Me

Also, had to make a stop at my Hollywood Boyfriend’s spot too!

Cary Grant & Me

More men should strive to be like him.  Just like some women should look to Audrey Hepburn for some guidance!  These two prove that nothing is more attractive than class!

Here are a few other Stars I came across. Hollywood Blvd Collage

The landscape out there is amazing.  We did some of the classic drives like Mulholland Drive and Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s amazing…the amount of times a giant smile would come across my face just because of the beauty that surrounded me.

Here’s a shot from Mulholland Drive…

mulholland drive

This is below the clouds…

Below the Clouds

…then above…

Above the Clouds

One of my simple pleasures was going down to the beach at low tide in the morning.  I found myself spending hours looking at all the creatures around me and collecting treasures on the beach.  The starfish were amazing and no matter how many I saw, I was amazed and excited by each one.  It was so cool to see all the colors and be able to touch them.  The little crabbies would scurry when you got near but they were in all the lava rock’s cracks and crevices.  I also came upon this mamma and her little babies.  I notice a beach patrol guy show up after so I think he moved the family to a safer place.


Heart Starfish

Little Crabbies

Mama Duck

I found lots of neat pebbles but one morning I must’ve found fifteen plus pieces of sand dollars.  I was like a 5-year-old catching fireflies!  Most of them were broken in some way.  This was my prize one…only one little busted part.  It’s amazing to walk along the beach and find things like that…won’t happen in OCMD, that’s for sure!

Sand Dollar Cropped

This just touches on what I got to do and experience out there!  Getting to see California and getting to see it with a great friend was such a gift.  We had a blast every day…which any girl knows can be a miracle when you are spending 7 days with the same person…but we never wanted to kill eachother…not once.  Could be that California Vibe!  Can’t wait to go back, hang with my girl and see more CALIFORNIA!!!

Claire & Me

With Love,