Lucky Little Lady in the City of Light


About a month ago, I got the pleasure of hopping on a plane and visiting a good friend in California.  It was my first time there and the furthest west I had been.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

There’s nothing like going away, where barely anyone knows you and where you barely know anything.  There was so much to do and nearly not enough time to do it all!  I truly miss California…it just felt like a home away from home.

Here are some of the great highlights…

I was staying at my friend’s place in Ventura…literally a 5 minute walk from the beach.  Here’s Ventura Beach at sunset.

Ventura Beach Sunset

If there was ONE THING I had to do when I was there, it was to go to THIS SPOT!  To think, she stood there.  It was awesome!

Audrey & Me

Also, had to make a stop at my Hollywood Boyfriend’s spot too!

Cary Grant & Me

More men should strive to be like him.  Just like some women should look to Audrey Hepburn for some guidance!  These two prove that nothing is more attractive than class!

Here are a few other Stars I came across. Hollywood Blvd Collage

The landscape out there is amazing.  We did some of the classic drives like Mulholland Drive and Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s amazing…the amount of times a giant smile would come across my face just because of the beauty that surrounded me.

Here’s a shot from Mulholland Drive…

mulholland drive

This is below the clouds…

Below the Clouds

…then above…

Above the Clouds

One of my simple pleasures was going down to the beach at low tide in the morning.  I found myself spending hours looking at all the creatures around me and collecting treasures on the beach.  The starfish were amazing and no matter how many I saw, I was amazed and excited by each one.  It was so cool to see all the colors and be able to touch them.  The little crabbies would scurry when you got near but they were in all the lava rock’s cracks and crevices.  I also came upon this mamma and her little babies.  I notice a beach patrol guy show up after so I think he moved the family to a safer place.


Heart Starfish

Little Crabbies

Mama Duck

I found lots of neat pebbles but one morning I must’ve found fifteen plus pieces of sand dollars.  I was like a 5-year-old catching fireflies!  Most of them were broken in some way.  This was my prize one…only one little busted part.  It’s amazing to walk along the beach and find things like that…won’t happen in OCMD, that’s for sure!

Sand Dollar Cropped

This just touches on what I got to do and experience out there!  Getting to see California and getting to see it with a great friend was such a gift.  We had a blast every day…which any girl knows can be a miracle when you are spending 7 days with the same person…but we never wanted to kill eachother…not once.  Could be that California Vibe!  Can’t wait to go back, hang with my girl and see more CALIFORNIA!!!

Claire & Me

With Love,



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