The Adventures of Sea Glass


While I was out visiting my musical soul mate and great friend in California, she gave me two pieces of sea glass she found.  The deal was I had to turn both of them into jewelry…one for her and one for me!

I really had fun staring at the shapes, trying to figure out what they looked like.  It was like when you find things in the clouds!  Once I had my ideas…away I went.

The green glass came to me right away.  I was hoping to do another Tree of Life but using the clear sea glass as a moon.  The shape wasn’t right but I was hoping I could form the metal in a way that would work.  I couldn’t.  It wasn’t working.  I knew it wasn’t what it was supposed to be.  Every time I looked at it, it only looked like one thing to me…an owl.  So here you have the finished pieces…

Sea Glass CollageNow, someone just needs to decide which one she is going to pick.  That she is not me.


Rockin' Claire's Necklace

While on this topic, I also agreed to fix this incredible necklace she had lying around.  The cord broke and I just put it on a chain…easy fix.  I just think everyone should know…if you give me something so awesome to fix, and especially if you live on the West Coast…know I will be rockin’ it a few times before you see it again!  Incriminating photo…






Now, onto the adventure part.  All this working with sea glass got me thinking…”we’ve been dumping trash on this coast longer than they have on that coast”…so onto Google I went.  I found some places in Maryland to do some sea glass hunting.  I went off on an adventure with another great friend to find sea glass.

Sea Glass Beach

The first place we went, lots of broken glass, but not very smooth.  The second place was great though.  The public area was very small but I accidentally ended up in the water and on the other side of a fence…whoops!  Tell you what…we had great finds there…and didn’t get arrested, yelled at or our vehicle towed.  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Check it out!

Sea Glass Finds

What to do with all this lovely sea glass?

With Love,



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  1. So cool!!!! ….just noticed on your archives that you have had your blog for one year – archives begins w/2012!!

    Deborah A Young

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