Tutu Time!




One of my little princesses is about to have her 1st Birthday!  SO EXCITING!  She is one of the most beautiful and happy babies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.

In doing this project it made me feel two things:

1) I miss being a little ballerina.

2) I want my own little ballerina.  (well…maybe…someday…)


Yes, that’s me…little ballerina me with the GREATEST Nanny (on earth and heaven) EVER!!! 



One of the things I have in common with the mom (or Queen to the Princess) is our love of dance.  We both took dance most of our lives.  It’s a given that if you’ve done that, your daughter will at least take the beginners ballet and hopefully more as the years go on.  I don’t think 1 is too early to get your first tutu!

This project was so easy, which made me love it even more.  You can go online and find a whole bunch of different ways to make tutus but I think this one is the best.

What you’ll need:

  • Rolls of Tulle (I found mine at Jo-Ann’s in the “wedding” section.  I bought about 5 rolls for mine, 2 white, 2 soft pink and 1 bright pink)
  • Ribbon or Elastic (I went with a soft pink satin ribbon, about 2 inches thick)

That’s all you HAVE to buy.  I opted to also get some thin, iridescent, bright pink ribbon and some little flowers.

You’ll want to cut your tulle to double the length of your tutu.  I followed a color pattern (but I have OCD).  The girl who’s blog I read said she chose her colors sporadically.

If you are using elastic, you probably want to sew your ends together before you start.  I cut my ribbon to the length of her waist plus about 10-15 inches extra on each side.  I wanted it to be able to grow with her.

You’ll put the elastic or ribbon around your thigh, wrap a piece of tulle around it and tie a knot up at the waistline.

Tutu tyingTutu tying 2

Do this over and over again until you’ve reached the desired fullness.  I might’ve gotten a little crazy on the fullness…we may lose the baby in the tutu!

TutuNote To Self: Check what’s in the background of your shot.

When the tulle part of the tutu was finished, I went back through and added some of the thin bright pink ribbon with some of the little flowers attached at the bottom…just to give it a special something.

Tutu Ribbon Detail

I also added flowers to some onsies to complete the package.

Tutu and Onsies

I wanted to make one for myself.  But really?  Where can I wear a tutu?

With Love,



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