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Craft Challenge Poll


So here’s what I want to know…which one of the Craft Challenge projects was your favorite???

Need refreshed?

First, I did the Necklace…

 Finished Necklace

Then, the Beach Bag…

 Finished Instagram

Then, the Hat…


Then, the Dress…

 Finished Dress

And finally, the Shoes…

 Finished Flipflop

Please tell me your favorite by casting a vote!

With Love,



“Wrapped In Love” Scarf for Christmas


Finally!  The last of the Christmas projects!  Just in time to start working on this year’s Christmas presents! Haha!

I found this project on Pinterest, or a blog, but probably both!  It looked so easy…fabric marker, scarf and inspirational words.  Seems simple enough!  WRONG!!

I don’t know if it was because I got one of the Pashminas they sell at A.C. Moore a.k.a. not the right material?  Not sure but Mom wanted a Pashmina (which at first I thought she just spelled ‘pajamas” wrong on her Christmas List).  I ended up switching over to the fabric paint I use when I make freezer paper shirts.

Truth is, I love the look of it.  It’s so cool to know you are wrapped up in words of inspiration or love.  When it’s all wrapped around you, it just looks like a cool pattern.  I just have to find a simplified method or, well, I guess I found that, but one that works for me!  I also wish I had better huge handwriting.  Maybe a freezer paper stencil would have been the way to go?

Scarf Collage

Anyone else out there ever try this?

With Love,


Project 5 – Shoes


Think back…way back…like a year ago.  A lovely lady was changing her blog and giving herself a Craft Challenge (with herself).  4 out of the 5 projects were completed and posted…number 5, well, it was hibernating.  Summer ended and the idea I had for “Shoes” seemed a little less practical.  I can’t wear flip-flops in the snow!

Summer is here again…the 1 year anniversary for my blog was the other day…I think it’s time to wrap up the Craft Challenge!

I’m not gonna lie.  I started this project that involved weaving bamboo coasters together to make a natural weave bottom.  I don’t really like plastic flip-flops.  I like the natural bottom.  Old Navy had maybe 2 summers where they made them and that was like 5 years or more ago.  It’s impossible to find them (for me)…so why not make my own?  Let me tell you why not – no one should spend hours and hours of their life on a pair of flip-flops.  They are just flip-flops.  I still need a shoe project though…hum…(light bulb)!

Look at these sad, very loved flip-flops.  They weren’t made with the best quality bottom…so gradually, I ended up walking on what felt like paper.  Time to give these flip-flops an extended pass at life.


I started by ripping off the old, thin sole.  First with an Exacto knife, then just ripped.

I glued down the thong and sides to the bottom and held them in place with some office supplies.  I let them dry overnight.  The glue I am using is fast bonding, water and weather proof.

Straps glued

Next, I took my new, white, plastic Old Navy flip-flops ($2.50) and cut off the plastic straps.

Top to Bottom

I applied glue to half of the plastic flip-flop…I began placing my old flip-flop on top.  Matching everything up as best as I could.  I applied glue to the second half and press everywhere.  The nice thing with the fast bonding glue is you only need to take a few minutes pushing everything together before it holds.

My flip-flops didn’t match up EXACTLY, especially at the toe.  Once both were glued and dried overnight, I took my jewelry hand saw and cut off the end.  Then, I got out my dremel and smoothed down where I had to cut.

I think they look pretty good.  I may clean up the ends where the white has been scuffed off the front with some paint or something, but other than that…my flip-flops live again!

Finished FlipflopWith Love,