“Wrapped In Love” Scarf for Christmas


Finally!  The last of the Christmas projects!  Just in time to start working on this year’s Christmas presents! Haha!

I found this project on Pinterest, or a blog, but probably both!  It looked so easy…fabric marker, scarf and inspirational words.  Seems simple enough!  WRONG!!

I don’t know if it was because I got one of the Pashminas they sell at A.C. Moore a.k.a. not the right material?  Not sure but Mom wanted a Pashmina (which at first I thought she just spelled ‘pajamas” wrong on her Christmas List).  I ended up switching over to the fabric paint I use when I make freezer paper shirts.

Truth is, I love the look of it.  It’s so cool to know you are wrapped up in words of inspiration or love.  When it’s all wrapped around you, it just looks like a cool pattern.  I just have to find a simplified method or, well, I guess I found that, but one that works for me!  I also wish I had better huge handwriting.  Maybe a freezer paper stencil would have been the way to go?

Scarf Collage

Anyone else out there ever try this?

With Love,



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