Handmade Christmas 2013


As I said earlier, a lot of the Christmas presents I made were from posts and pins I had collected over the year. Here’s a quick run down on a few. There are already so many instructions out there to do the projects…so I won’t bore you with the details.

I did 2 types of scarves for Christmas 2013.

One was Arm Knitting…okay, I am in LOVE with this. It is so easy to get the hang of (once you find the right YouTube video to watch)! I could whip an infinity scarf out in 10-15 minutes, once I got in my groove, while watching TV. That’s the perfect craft to me.

Here are the finished products. I just loved the yarn I used. It’s Lion brand yarn.



I also made this Calla lily scarf. I was hoping to use bleach instead of paint but…surprise, the pashmina I bought, wouldn’t bleach. So I switched over to some lovely fabric paint. I feel like I would’ve been happier if the bleached worked. Oh the trial and errors of crafting! DSCN0068

Then I cracked some marbles…usually I’m losing them! It looked fun!  I had to go to a website to order myself some 1 inch marbles. I could only find really small marbles at the craft stores. I was so excited when they came. As you’ll begin to see, there is a theme with my Christmas 2013 projects, there is the illusive “idea” and then the reality part comes into play. I followed the instructions and some of my marbles cracked…others didn’t do a thing. My theory, throw ‘em back in the oven and try again! That cracked some that didn’t the first time and shattered some of the others. It seemed that some colors cracked better than others. The blue, red and purple were pretty good. All the green ones broke (sorry, AP).

Going Marbles!

Going Marbles!

All Cracked Up!

All Cracked Up!



















Once I was done cracking and breaking marbles, I attached some cute bead end caps with pins inside to make a loop with. Very technical terms here!  I bought that E-6000 glue since it’s supposed to be SO AMAZING! I have yet to feel the power of its amazingness. Sadly, a lot of them didn’t stay glued. I even tried gluing where the cracks were to help it get a good grip. That’s why I always give a “free repair” policy with any gift! I added some long chains so you could wear them as a necklace or hang them in the window. They really did turn out beautifully, if only the glue was better.



















I saw some pins on recycling sweaters and thought this was a great idea. It’s funny how time can change things. Looking back, I’m not as crazy about them. Or I should say, some turned out better than others. It’s very important that your sweater isn’t too chunky.   Basically, you can use the arm holes, if the sweater is big enough, for some boot cuffs. You can use the bottom of the sweater and make a cute hat from it.

Then you can add some buttons, ribbon or beads to give it that extra detail.

All Hat & Boot CuffsHat & Boot Cuff Details















I don’t think these were a favorite amongst the handmade gifts.


My niece is into sports and the girls love to wear that sport wrap stuff for headbands. Lovely but instead…take these! Once again, found on Pinterest, it was super easy to create these braided scrap fabric headbands. They are even prettier than sports wrap but still nice and thin. Headbands are in right now!



I love these bracelets and was seeing them everywhere! I read a few posts to get an idea and then went for it. I’m not sure that I followed the proper technique, but they turned out great. The black one was for my BF. I’ve made 2 more since then. The first one pictured here, the cord broke. I bought a thicker cord and this one lasted much longer. However, the upholstery thread I used eventually caved to its environment and fell apart. Also, even though it said “glass beads”, they were painted glass beads and the paint started chipping off to reveal white “glass” underneath. For the third one, I used the thicker cord, some sinew thread instead of upholstery thread and found beads that APPEAR to actually be black the whole way through. Fingers crossed!!


Kinda blurry...sorry!

Kinda blurry…sorry!

The other one I made for my mom. This one got a pretty clasp for a more feminine look.


There are so many great meat rubs out on Pinterest and it’s the perfect DIY gift for the men in your life, or someone who loves to cook. Most of the ingredients I was able to get at my local Dollar Tree. There were only a few I had to spend $8 on for the nice glass bottle with pretty fonts and what-not. I would imagine there are really cool spice containers available online but I just went with the little containers they use for candy/mints at weddings.



If I remember, I couldn’t get my computer to work with the program to print the labels…so I had to hand write. That makes it more personal, right?


Since I forgot to say it last time!




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