Handmade Christmas 2013 – Freezer Paper!


The last two Christmas 2013 posts get their own blog post because they were my 2 favorites. They also happen to be something that I feel like I’m really good at…things involving FREEZER PAPER!

Oh Freezer Paper, how I love you!!!

These turned out amazing! I just love that I can put anything I want on a shirt!

Special thanks to a friend, Jodi, who brought in her Cricut Cutter for me to use. On a side note, I want, no NEED one. The text on the Edgar Oliver sweatshirt would have been crazy to have to hand cut! Everything else was hand cut though.

It was interesting to see how differently the bleach interacted with the different black materials. The Edgar Oliver Sweatshirt and Sugar Skull were the same brand and those came out amazing.



Freezer Paper Applied…

The Bleach is Working...

The Bleach is Working…






The Lego man sweatshirt, as you can see, bleed…A LOT! But in the end, I still liked it. It makes me think of the opening for X-Files.


Insert X-Files theme music here.

I also did the Edgar Oliver but on a t-shirt. I wasn’t as happy with the bleaching on this one but still looks awesome. I just think it bleed a little and some of the detail was lost.


If you find yourself saying, “who is Edgar Oliver?”…ask no more and watch either his appearance on Oddities or EVEN BETTER, watch some of his story-telling. I don’t think there is anyone cooler in the whole world.





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