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Handmade Christmas 2013 – More Freezer Paper!


I have to say…this was the best thing I ever came up with. I want to do this every year!!  I just loved everything about it!!!

I created this lovely order form for each of the kids in my life.


Looks like something out of a magazine!

The order form, along with some blank paper was put in a clear sleeve binder with a pack of crayons. Each child got to design whatever they wanted to be painted on a t-shirt, in their choice of color. Look at these great t-shirts!





They were so popular one of the kids asked their mom if I could possibly make a t-shirt for their daddy for father’s day! Of course I could!


Dorkasaurus (that's his nick name) looking Bean-Bag-Tastic!

Dorkasaurus (that’s his nick name) looking Bean-Bag-Tastic!

Is that a stain? Already?

Is that a stain? Already?














I think these Design-Your-Own T-shirts might end up being an order-able product from With Love, Rhianna!


Finally, caught up on all my blogs – except for one…you know who you are!!!


With Love,