Christmas 2014


As always, I’m behind in my blog!  This past Christmas, I decided to cut back in the handmade gifts I was making.  It becomes very time-consuming and stressful.  I also feel like I can’t dedicate as much time to making each gift awesome, since there are so many to do.  This year, I focused on a few awesome things and went with it, full strength.  I’m so happy with the results.

First off, for just about everyone, I made one of these glass globes with an air plant friend in it.  I got pretty lucky with these.  When they delivered the box, they hid it behind the trash can, in front of the garage door.  Let’s just say I didn’t see if for 3-4 days.  However, all the plants managed to survive no light and Pennsylvania Winter for 4 days!  I also bought these really cute spray bottles from so everyone could mist their plants daily.  I just think they look wonderful and everyone seemed to really like them.

AirPlantGlobe4This one was for my brother and his family.  I figured I’d get one big glass ball so the family of air plants could live together.

Happy Little Air Plant Family!

Happy Little Air Plant Family!

The next project, also nature related, was making these really cool acorn ornaments.  It was a little tricky finding beads that were just the right size so I did a variety of colors and styles.  Just a simple little something to share my love.  I collected acorn tops every time I walked the dog.  He got slightly irritated with the constant stopping but I thought, “ha, now you know how it feels when you have to stop and smell an animal, from four hours ago, that you’re never gonna get”.  Once I had enough, I got beads that would fit in and some bead pins to make a cute point at the bottom.  I used my handy Dremel and drilled holes in the center of the caps.  Bead Pin -> Bead -> Acorn Top -> Scrolly Twist -> Fishing Line -> Finished!

So Sweet!

So Sweet!

AcornOrnaments5For my niece and nephew, I decided to do Freezer Paper tote bags.  I filled them with some different, smaller gifts.  My niece is getting older, the pre-teens…oh yea!  I feel the best thing we can teach our younger girls is to love themselves for who they are.  To have confidence in more than just their bodies but their minds, hearts and souls, who they are as people.  I went with this for her.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the one bird is detailed in some color to stand out from the others.

True Story!

True Story!

My nephew is a little younger and is a lot like my older brother,  a super creative nerd with great taste and an amazing imagination!  For him, I went with something a little different…



I was really happy with the tote bags and I think they were too!

While we are on the topic of Freezer Paper.  I also did this cute hoodie for one of the little sweeties in my life.  Her mom has a dance studio and I thought it would be the perfect thing for when she’s there!





Last, but not least, I made some cracked marble necklaces last Christmas.  Unfortunately, the glue wasn’t as awesome as it should-be, and some fell apart.  Two friends of mine really liked their necklaces but they had broken.  To be sure these new necklaces would enjoy a longer life, I found these beads that have a very similar look to the cracked marbles, just without the work on my end! It’s a win to me!  This time, instead of gluing bead caps, I was able to use a pin through the bead, through the bead cap and make a loop.

That’s about it for the handmade gifts.  It was nice to have a manageable list and be completely satisfied with the results!

With Love,



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