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Handmade Christmas 2013


As I said earlier, a lot of the Christmas presents I made were from posts and pins I had collected over the year. Here’s a quick run down on a few. There are already so many instructions out there to do the projects…so I won’t bore you with the details.

I did 2 types of scarves for Christmas 2013.

One was Arm Knitting…okay, I am in LOVE with this. It is so easy to get the hang of (once you find the right YouTube video to watch)! I could whip an infinity scarf out in 10-15 minutes, once I got in my groove, while watching TV. That’s the perfect craft to me.

Here are the finished products. I just loved the yarn I used. It’s Lion brand yarn.



I also made this Calla lily scarf. I was hoping to use bleach instead of paint but…surprise, the pashmina I bought, wouldn’t bleach. So I switched over to some lovely fabric paint. I feel like I would’ve been happier if the bleached worked. Oh the trial and errors of crafting! DSCN0068

Then I cracked some marbles…usually I’m losing them! It looked fun!  I had to go to a website to order myself some 1 inch marbles. I could only find really small marbles at the craft stores. I was so excited when they came. As you’ll begin to see, there is a theme with my Christmas 2013 projects, there is the illusive “idea” and then the reality part comes into play. I followed the instructions and some of my marbles cracked…others didn’t do a thing. My theory, throw ‘em back in the oven and try again! That cracked some that didn’t the first time and shattered some of the others. It seemed that some colors cracked better than others. The blue, red and purple were pretty good. All the green ones broke (sorry, AP).

Going Marbles!

Going Marbles!

All Cracked Up!

All Cracked Up!



















Once I was done cracking and breaking marbles, I attached some cute bead end caps with pins inside to make a loop with. Very technical terms here!  I bought that E-6000 glue since it’s supposed to be SO AMAZING! I have yet to feel the power of its amazingness. Sadly, a lot of them didn’t stay glued. I even tried gluing where the cracks were to help it get a good grip. That’s why I always give a “free repair” policy with any gift! I added some long chains so you could wear them as a necklace or hang them in the window. They really did turn out beautifully, if only the glue was better.



















I saw some pins on recycling sweaters and thought this was a great idea. It’s funny how time can change things. Looking back, I’m not as crazy about them. Or I should say, some turned out better than others. It’s very important that your sweater isn’t too chunky.   Basically, you can use the arm holes, if the sweater is big enough, for some boot cuffs. You can use the bottom of the sweater and make a cute hat from it.

Then you can add some buttons, ribbon or beads to give it that extra detail.

All Hat & Boot CuffsHat & Boot Cuff Details















I don’t think these were a favorite amongst the handmade gifts.


My niece is into sports and the girls love to wear that sport wrap stuff for headbands. Lovely but instead…take these! Once again, found on Pinterest, it was super easy to create these braided scrap fabric headbands. They are even prettier than sports wrap but still nice and thin. Headbands are in right now!



I love these bracelets and was seeing them everywhere! I read a few posts to get an idea and then went for it. I’m not sure that I followed the proper technique, but they turned out great. The black one was for my BF. I’ve made 2 more since then. The first one pictured here, the cord broke. I bought a thicker cord and this one lasted much longer. However, the upholstery thread I used eventually caved to its environment and fell apart. Also, even though it said “glass beads”, they were painted glass beads and the paint started chipping off to reveal white “glass” underneath. For the third one, I used the thicker cord, some sinew thread instead of upholstery thread and found beads that APPEAR to actually be black the whole way through. Fingers crossed!!


Kinda blurry...sorry!

Kinda blurry…sorry!

The other one I made for my mom. This one got a pretty clasp for a more feminine look.


There are so many great meat rubs out on Pinterest and it’s the perfect DIY gift for the men in your life, or someone who loves to cook. Most of the ingredients I was able to get at my local Dollar Tree. There were only a few I had to spend $8 on for the nice glass bottle with pretty fonts and what-not. I would imagine there are really cool spice containers available online but I just went with the little containers they use for candy/mints at weddings.



If I remember, I couldn’t get my computer to work with the program to print the labels…so I had to hand write. That makes it more personal, right?


Since I forgot to say it last time!




Lego Belt – Everything Is Awesome!


Hi Everyone! I miss you! I’m still alive and still creating. I just haven’t had any time to tell you about it. There is so much catching up to do. You will hear from me for a few weeks and then I will most likely disappear, again, for a while.

I just find when I have the option of living and enjoying my life, or writing about it, I pick the first!

So here’s a little something to get your interest back again! I mean, EVERYONE loves LEGOS…but especially my nephew. When I found this on Pinterest, I knew he had to have one. I thought this might even encourage the act of buttoning his pants. Hey, he was like 6-7 at the time. There are better things to do than make sure your pants are on properly!  I know grown men that, giving the right beverage, have the same problem!

I had been collecting “Pins” throughout the year for Christmas ideas. That years goal was to do ALL handmade gifts.  I did it, with a few little store-bought things here and there and I don’t plan on ever doing it again.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  I’m already thinking about this Christmas, just one handmade thing per person will do!

It was so simple.  Just get a plain belt with a flat buckle (or as flat as you can find). Glue some foam between the buckle and the Lego piece that’s about the size of your buckle.  After that, I went to the Lego website and found some neat small pieces that could be used on the belt. Too cute!

Everything is Awesome!

Everything is Awesome!

“Wrapped In Love” Scarf for Christmas


Finally!  The last of the Christmas projects!  Just in time to start working on this year’s Christmas presents! Haha!

I found this project on Pinterest, or a blog, but probably both!  It looked so easy…fabric marker, scarf and inspirational words.  Seems simple enough!  WRONG!!

I don’t know if it was because I got one of the Pashminas they sell at A.C. Moore a.k.a. not the right material?  Not sure but Mom wanted a Pashmina (which at first I thought she just spelled ‘pajamas” wrong on her Christmas List).  I ended up switching over to the fabric paint I use when I make freezer paper shirts.

Truth is, I love the look of it.  It’s so cool to know you are wrapped up in words of inspiration or love.  When it’s all wrapped around you, it just looks like a cool pattern.  I just have to find a simplified method or, well, I guess I found that, but one that works for me!  I also wish I had better huge handwriting.  Maybe a freezer paper stencil would have been the way to go?

Scarf Collage

Anyone else out there ever try this?

With Love,


Project 5 – Shoes


Think back…way back…like a year ago.  A lovely lady was changing her blog and giving herself a Craft Challenge (with herself).  4 out of the 5 projects were completed and posted…number 5, well, it was hibernating.  Summer ended and the idea I had for “Shoes” seemed a little less practical.  I can’t wear flip-flops in the snow!

Summer is here again…the 1 year anniversary for my blog was the other day…I think it’s time to wrap up the Craft Challenge!

I’m not gonna lie.  I started this project that involved weaving bamboo coasters together to make a natural weave bottom.  I don’t really like plastic flip-flops.  I like the natural bottom.  Old Navy had maybe 2 summers where they made them and that was like 5 years or more ago.  It’s impossible to find them (for me)…so why not make my own?  Let me tell you why not – no one should spend hours and hours of their life on a pair of flip-flops.  They are just flip-flops.  I still need a shoe project though…hum…(light bulb)!

Look at these sad, very loved flip-flops.  They weren’t made with the best quality bottom…so gradually, I ended up walking on what felt like paper.  Time to give these flip-flops an extended pass at life.


I started by ripping off the old, thin sole.  First with an Exacto knife, then just ripped.

I glued down the thong and sides to the bottom and held them in place with some office supplies.  I let them dry overnight.  The glue I am using is fast bonding, water and weather proof.

Straps glued

Next, I took my new, white, plastic Old Navy flip-flops ($2.50) and cut off the plastic straps.

Top to Bottom

I applied glue to half of the plastic flip-flop…I began placing my old flip-flop on top.  Matching everything up as best as I could.  I applied glue to the second half and press everywhere.  The nice thing with the fast bonding glue is you only need to take a few minutes pushing everything together before it holds.

My flip-flops didn’t match up EXACTLY, especially at the toe.  Once both were glued and dried overnight, I took my jewelry hand saw and cut off the end.  Then, I got out my dremel and smoothed down where I had to cut.

I think they look pretty good.  I may clean up the ends where the white has been scuffed off the front with some paint or something, but other than that…my flip-flops live again!

Finished FlipflopWith Love,


Patchwork Scarf for Christmas


Patwork Scarf 2It looks like one of my favorite parts from the movie The Sweetest Thing! Look at the class and sass coming off of this sweet child!  She HAD to be the model since she is the biggest fan of my Patchwork Scarf!

I had made these scarves last year at Christmas time for my niece and my good friend’s daughter. Well, I’m not sure about my niece, but my friend’s daughter just loved it. I would often hear stories about why she needed to wear it that day and all the “powers” it seemed to bring her. Honestly, that is the best gift in the crafting world. When something simple you make can mean so much to someone else.

This Christmas was approaching and I heard someones scarf was getting a little short…turning into more of a bow-tie! I decided I would make her a bigger, “grown-up” version. I also made another one for one of my other good friend’s daughter.

What I love about the patchwork scarves is, in the end…they go with everything. It’s a great way to use up some scrap material. On the ones I make, one side is patchwork and the other is a soft flannel to snuggle with. I included some trim balls…cause, well, balls are fun! 🙂

I still have yet to make one for myself. For now, it’s just great to bring warmth and comfort into the lives of those you love!

With Love,

Project 3 – Hat


For “Project 3 – Hat”, I went with a DIY I had seen on someone’s blog, probably found through Pinterest.  This post was for a girls’, ages 2-5, Tulip Petal Sun Hat.  I wanted mine to have more of a “fisherman’s hat” look.  Below you can see how I adjusted the pattern.  I made it a few inches longer and took out the “petal” part.

It was a bit of a trial and error.  At first, I cut 8 “petals” thinking the original pattern is for a 2-5 year old so I would have to make it larger for my adult head.  I sewed the 6 petals first.  In her tutorial, she had a seam allowance of 5/8″.  I used 3/8″ thinking it might create some more room so maybe I could just use 6 “petals”.  Using the 3/8″ seam allowance at 6 “petals”, it was too big!

I took the hat apart and sewed it together again with a 5/8″ seam allowance.  That was still a little loose but worked for that style of hat.  I’m wondering if when I printed the pattern, it sized up or something.  Not sure.  Maybe I have a baby head?

You can basically follow the instructions given in her blog.

1) Sew 3 panels of lining.

2) Sew the other 3 panels of lining.

3) Sew those 2 pieces together.

4) Do steps 1-3 for the shell of the hat.

5) Match up lining and shell.

6) Sew together, leaving space to flip right side out.

The only difference was my pattern.  I also chose to top stitch twice around the brim of the hat.  Then, add your buttons.  I got to use one of the vintage metal ones I’ve been holding onto.

I like how you can flip-up the brim to show the funky underside or keep it down for a simpler look.  It has a great Rain Hat look, too!






With Love,


Project 2 – Beach Bag


This project comes with some thanks to a few, God, but of course.  My Mom, who without, I never would’ve figured out how to actually recreate this beach bag.  My friend Meredith, for being willing to spend that $75 at Victoria Secret’s to get the FREE beach bag (that’s a guess) and be so kind as to let me borrow it.  Finally, Victoria Secret’s for making the bag…its nice when you can justify spending $80 on a bathing suit because, after all, you get the FREE beach bag!

I borrowed this bag once and fell in love.  I mean, I know it’s just a beach bag but it was just wonderful!  That’s how “beach bag” ended up in the hat…I wanted to recreate this bag.  After a long, in depth, calculating conversation with my Mom, I started by taking measurements of the whole bag.  I was sure to add a ½ inch seam.  Once I got the measurements (and if you want them, I can get them to you), I started drafting it out on some…FREEZER PAPER!  It was nice to find another great use for it.





I wanted “watermelon” colors but not an actual watermelon print.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and was so happy with what I found…and it was on sale! Love that Jo-Ann’s app on my phone!  I got a yard of each material.  The ribbon was just some scraps from my collection.  With material and thread, this project totalled $11.00.  Not kidding!



I pinned all my patterns and cut all the pieces for the bag.  The VS bag didn’t have inside pockets…oh, but mine would! That’s where I started.  I cut out from the canvas the size pockets I wanted, plus a ½ inch for part I would fold under.  I literally did this all the “right” way.

I ironed under the ½ inch of material so I was sure everything would be smooth.  First, you have to top stitch straight across the top of your pocket, doesn’t hurt to double fold here so you don’t have any fraying.  I pinned the pockets on the material for the lining and sewed them together (top stitch).



Once the pockets were on, I sewed the bottoms of the lining together.  I did another seam about a ¼ inch down.  We all know how easily lining seems to tear.  I just wanted to make sure it was reinforced.  That’s it for the lining…for now.







For the canvas shell, you will need to find the middle of one of your sides and one of your bottoms.  Line them up at the middle.  The side pieces will extend further than the bottom.  Sew them together.  Now add the other side panel, again, matching it to the middle.




Next you will take the 2nd bottom piece.  You need to iron under a little less than ½ inch of the material.  As you can see from the picture beside, you will be top stitching this so it will be just off to the side of the other seam.  I like how this is constructed; I think it will make it very sturdy.





After that, I made the straps.  I realized my measurements were slightly off so on this piece of pattern.  I did just eye the cut a little bigger, rather than make a new one (I believe the straps were 1 1/4 inch thick, so add a 1/2 inch for the seam).  I made sure to leave plenty for the seam; I just wanted the straps to be as strong as possible.  It does make it a little harder when you are trying to turn them right side out.  Once you have them flipped, top stitch on either side.





The first place you begin sewing the lining and shell together is at the top.  I started by ironing everything.  For the lining, I ironed under a ½ inch.  For the shell, I ironed under a ½ inch and then another 3 inches.  This will be for the fold at the top of the bag.





This bag has a magnet closure.  I just grabbed 2 off the fridge that were the same size.  I probably should’ve bought more powerful ones.  Through the material, they don’t hold together too well.  I used a netting to sew mine in place.  They should go somewhere behind the top 3 inch fold of the bag, that way, the stitches are not seen from the outside.




Once your magnets are on, it’s up to you how you want to do the next steps.  The first time I put my ribbon at the top.  If you are going that route, you need to top stitch the bottom of the 3 inch fold and sew on the straps first.    Then you’ll sew the ribbon, shell and lining together.  I did this but was not really happy with the finished look.

After showing it to Mom, we agreed it was best to move the ribbon down to the seam of the 3 inch fold.

Be friends with your seam riper!  There aren’t a lot of things in life you get to do over again!


First you need to lay the right amount of ribbon under so when you top stitch the seam, the ribbon will be in the stitch.  Do that for both sides.




Next, you’ll want to attach the straps.  I did it just like it was on the VS bag.  I didn’t close the rectangle; that will be done when you sew thing lining and shell together.  Just make sure you are attaching the right strap to the right side…made that mistake and well, spent time with the seam riper!




Now to sew the shell and lining together.  Since you’ve already ironed the folds, it makes the sewing so much easier.  I made my middles line up, just like you did for the bottom shell of the bag.  Then you are just going to top stitch those pieces together.  Do the same for both sides. You will go over the straps, thus completing the rectangle shape.




Now you just have your sides hanging open.  Line up all 4 layers as best you can (2 shell pieces and 2 lining pieces).  You are going to sew them straight down the side.  Once you’ve done that on both sides, you will lay the bag so the bottom is flat, you can see the remaining “sides” of the bag will overlap, putting the seam you just sewed toward the center of the bottom of the bag.  Things will not match up 100% (at least they didn’t for me).  Sew straight across that and be sure to catch the seams of the shells sides to bottom.



Ta-da!  Your bag is all together now.  Just a few steps left.


The VS bag had fabric covering those insides seams.  With all the action the inside of a bag gets, I wanted to do the same.  Plus, I refused to not match the VS bag on every level.  I just used some of the scrap pieces.  The ones I found were about a 1 ½ inch thick.  I folded them in half, ironed, and then folded in the sides to the middle…just enough that it would hold after being top stitched.  I trimmed up the inside seams of the bags, enough that the strip of material would cover it.  I sewed over the side seam first and then the bottom seam.  It really gave it a nice finished look.  Since the material was so thick, I did flip the bag over to make sure the top stitch didn’t miss on the backside.  It did in a few places, so I just went over the missed areas.




To finish the bag, I added 1/4 inch tucks at the top.  I placed them about 2 ½ inches from the side seam.





With Love,