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Handmade Christmas 2013 – More Freezer Paper!


I have to say…this was the best thing I ever came up with. I want to do this every year!!  I just loved everything about it!!!

I created this lovely order form for each of the kids in my life.


Looks like something out of a magazine!

The order form, along with some blank paper was put in a clear sleeve binder with a pack of crayons. Each child got to design whatever they wanted to be painted on a t-shirt, in their choice of color. Look at these great t-shirts!





They were so popular one of the kids asked their mom if I could possibly make a t-shirt for their daddy for father’s day! Of course I could!


Dorkasaurus (that's his nick name) looking Bean-Bag-Tastic!

Dorkasaurus (that’s his nick name) looking Bean-Bag-Tastic!

Is that a stain? Already?

Is that a stain? Already?














I think these Design-Your-Own T-shirts might end up being an order-able product from With Love, Rhianna!


Finally, caught up on all my blogs – except for one…you know who you are!!!


With Love,



Handmade Christmas 2013 – Freezer Paper!


The last two Christmas 2013 posts get their own blog post because they were my 2 favorites. They also happen to be something that I feel like I’m really good at…things involving FREEZER PAPER!

Oh Freezer Paper, how I love you!!!

These turned out amazing! I just love that I can put anything I want on a shirt!

Special thanks to a friend, Jodi, who brought in her Cricut Cutter for me to use. On a side note, I want, no NEED one. The text on the Edgar Oliver sweatshirt would have been crazy to have to hand cut! Everything else was hand cut though.

It was interesting to see how differently the bleach interacted with the different black materials. The Edgar Oliver Sweatshirt and Sugar Skull were the same brand and those came out amazing.



Freezer Paper Applied…

The Bleach is Working...

The Bleach is Working…






The Lego man sweatshirt, as you can see, bleed…A LOT! But in the end, I still liked it. It makes me think of the opening for X-Files.


Insert X-Files theme music here.

I also did the Edgar Oliver but on a t-shirt. I wasn’t as happy with the bleaching on this one but still looks awesome. I just think it bleed a little and some of the detail was lost.


If you find yourself saying, “who is Edgar Oliver?”…ask no more and watch either his appearance on Oddities or EVEN BETTER, watch some of his story-telling. I don’t think there is anyone cooler in the whole world.




Tutu Time!




One of my little princesses is about to have her 1st Birthday!  SO EXCITING!  She is one of the most beautiful and happy babies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.

In doing this project it made me feel two things:

1) I miss being a little ballerina.

2) I want my own little ballerina.  (well…maybe…someday…)


Yes, that’s me…little ballerina me with the GREATEST Nanny (on earth and heaven) EVER!!! 



One of the things I have in common with the mom (or Queen to the Princess) is our love of dance.  We both took dance most of our lives.  It’s a given that if you’ve done that, your daughter will at least take the beginners ballet and hopefully more as the years go on.  I don’t think 1 is too early to get your first tutu!

This project was so easy, which made me love it even more.  You can go online and find a whole bunch of different ways to make tutus but I think this one is the best.

What you’ll need:

  • Rolls of Tulle (I found mine at Jo-Ann’s in the “wedding” section.  I bought about 5 rolls for mine, 2 white, 2 soft pink and 1 bright pink)
  • Ribbon or Elastic (I went with a soft pink satin ribbon, about 2 inches thick)

That’s all you HAVE to buy.  I opted to also get some thin, iridescent, bright pink ribbon and some little flowers.

You’ll want to cut your tulle to double the length of your tutu.  I followed a color pattern (but I have OCD).  The girl who’s blog I read said she chose her colors sporadically.

If you are using elastic, you probably want to sew your ends together before you start.  I cut my ribbon to the length of her waist plus about 10-15 inches extra on each side.  I wanted it to be able to grow with her.

You’ll put the elastic or ribbon around your thigh, wrap a piece of tulle around it and tie a knot up at the waistline.

Tutu tyingTutu tying 2

Do this over and over again until you’ve reached the desired fullness.  I might’ve gotten a little crazy on the fullness…we may lose the baby in the tutu!

TutuNote To Self: Check what’s in the background of your shot.

When the tulle part of the tutu was finished, I went back through and added some of the thin bright pink ribbon with some of the little flowers attached at the bottom…just to give it a special something.

Tutu Ribbon Detail

I also added flowers to some onsies to complete the package.

Tutu and Onsies

I wanted to make one for myself.  But really?  Where can I wear a tutu?

With Love,


I Want That…Sleeveless Shirt with Sleeves


Happy 1 Year Anniversary With Love, Rhianna!  I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a year already!  It’s been such a great year.  Thank you to everyone that’s supported me.  I’m so excited to see what the future has in store.

Pinterest, have I told you lately, that I love you?  I do.

What a wonderful collection of great ideas and positive inspiration!  While “Pinteresting” one day, I came across this shirt and fell in love.

Pinterest Shirt

It instantly went on my “IMMA MAKE THAT” board.  And guess what…I finally did!

As always, it’s a little different from the original design but I think pretty spot on still.

My first attempt at the shirt was more square.  When I put it on…I don’t know…I just knew it needed some adjustments.  It was just too full of fabric in the bust area.  So I made some adjustments (see the pink lines…I took it in there)… Shirt with Sew Lines

Whatcha think?

Sleeveless-Sleeved shirt

With Love,


Easy Summer Shirt (Pillowcase Dress/Shirt)


If you search “pillowcase dress” (mostly for kids) or “pillowcase shirt”, a million options will come up for you to review.  I didn’t actually use a pillowcase for this shirt.  I found the material in JoAnn’s and I thought of my niece right away.  It was perfect because her birthday was approaching (last summer, that is)!

Basically, this is what you cut out from the piece of material…

Pillowcase Dress PDF

In case my drawing isn’t clear, you are basically cutting the corners off your rectangle…that’s for your arm holes.  Hem back the edges before moving onto the next step.

You’ll add a tube seam across the top of the back and front.  This is where you will pull through your ribbon/sash for your straps.  You can use a scarf that’s long enough.  Sew scrap material into a tube.  Even use some ribbon.  I’ve seen some posts where they made multiple “strap” options that you could change out.



Finally, a seam around the bottom (optional) to finish it off.





The cool thing about this is you can also make your corner cuts go in further and cut down longer.  Then, you can have a shirt more like this that ties around the neck.  This is the closest one I could find demonstrating that.  Sorry, I haven’t made my own yet.  You can check out her post if you are interested…






It was a really quick project.  Great for when you need a new shirt at the last-minute.  It’s nice and flowy, perfect for summertime.  Here’s the finished shirt I made for my niece…

Josie's Shirt 2

With Love,


Baby Bedtime Bag


I think I might be a little behind on my blogging.  I know…what’s new?

So lots of friends are having babies.  I had some cute ideas but a lack of time, and well, a baby.  I don’t have kids and my niece and nephew are older now.  I have a hard time guessing what size something should be for a baby.

Luckily, one of my favorite bloggers to the rescue!  Jess at Running with Scissors has this lovely post on the Baby Bedtime Bags she made and you can buy the pattern for only $5 (in my budget)!!!  It also comes with a bonus newborn leggings pattern.  Her instructions were great and easy to follow. 

Below you can see the cute neck/shoulder snap detail and the best part…the bottom has a zipper opening for those easy diaper changes!  I know that happens a lot with babies.

Baby Bedtime Bag collage

And here’s the happy little baby…sneaking his little baby hands out!

TJ in his baby bundle

So happy with my purchase and I will be able to use it for years to come!  Check out Jess’s blog…and buy some of her patterns!  Keep Crafting Alive!

With Love,


Patchwork Scarf for Christmas


Patwork Scarf 2It looks like one of my favorite parts from the movie The Sweetest Thing! Look at the class and sass coming off of this sweet child!  She HAD to be the model since she is the biggest fan of my Patchwork Scarf!

I had made these scarves last year at Christmas time for my niece and my good friend’s daughter. Well, I’m not sure about my niece, but my friend’s daughter just loved it. I would often hear stories about why she needed to wear it that day and all the “powers” it seemed to bring her. Honestly, that is the best gift in the crafting world. When something simple you make can mean so much to someone else.

This Christmas was approaching and I heard someones scarf was getting a little short…turning into more of a bow-tie! I decided I would make her a bigger, “grown-up” version. I also made another one for one of my other good friend’s daughter.

What I love about the patchwork scarves is, in the end…they go with everything. It’s a great way to use up some scrap material. On the ones I make, one side is patchwork and the other is a soft flannel to snuggle with. I included some trim balls…cause, well, balls are fun! 🙂

I still have yet to make one for myself. For now, it’s just great to bring warmth and comfort into the lives of those you love!

With Love,